International Biometric Group offers independent biometrics expertise. IBG has extensive experience with fingerprint, face recognition, iris recognition, hand geometry and other biometric identification and authentication technologies. Independent Biometrics Expertise

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Biometrics Testing and Evaluation

Real-world accuracy and performance is one of the most controversial and misunderstood areas of biometrics. IBG is the biometric industry’s leading authority on real-world accuracy and performance, executing Comparative Biometric Testing of leading technologies since 1999. The results from these test efforts provide IBG clients with objective performance data on leading biometric technologies and systems. 

Comparative Biometric Testing
Access to objective, real-world data regarding various technologies?performance capabilities ?false match rates, false non-match rates, and enrollment rates ? is a precondition of effectively deploying biometrics. IBG has tested biometric systems in a controlled, comparative environment since 1999, generating detailed FMR, FNMR, and FTE rates. Read More

Biometrics Vulnerability and Penetration Testing
International Biometric Group performs custom Vulnerability and Penetration Testing of biometric devices and systems. IBG evaluates resistance to spoof attacks, replay attacks, communication attacks, and other attempts to defeat or circumvent biometric systems. Read More

Customized Testing Services
IBG designs custom test protocols for clients interested in technology tests, scenario tests, and operational tests of biometric technologies. IBG also conducts security and vulnerability evaluations assessments for active deployments. Just as importantly, IBG applies test results to real-world applications, determining whether performance, response time, susceptibility to spoofing, or other factors are impediments to successful deployment. Read More

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