Ni Liao is currently a master candidate and she received her B.S from department of computer science and technology, EECS, Peking University in 2014. Her research interests include finger vein recognition algorithm, algorithm reliability and fusion based on the reliability.

Selected Publications

[1]Xian R, Ni L, Li W. The ICB-2015 Competition on Finger Vein Recognition[C]// International Conference on Biometrics. IEEE, 2015:85-89.

[2] Zheng H, Ni L, Xian R, et al. BMDT: An optimized method for Biometric Menagerie Detection[C]// IEEE, International Conference on Biometrics Theory, Applications and Systems. IEEE, 2015:1-8.

[3] Ye Y, Ni L, Zheng H, et al. FVRC2016: The 2nd Finger Vein Recognition Competition[C]// International Conference on Biometrics. 2016:1-6.

[4] Ye Y, Zheng H, Ni L, et al. A study on the individuality of finger vein based on statistical analysis[C]// International Conference on Biometrics. 2016:1-5.

[5] Zheng H, Ye Y, Ni L, et al. Which finger is the best for finger vein recognition?[C]//Biometrics Theory, Applications and Systems (BTAS), 2016 IEEE 8th International Conference on. IEEE, 2016: 1-5.

Contact Info

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Department of Computer Science and Technology