LI Wenxin received her B.S, M.S and Ph.D. from department of computer science and technology, Peking University in 1990,1993 and 2001 respectively. She got her second Ph.D. from department of computing, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2004. She has been working with Peking University since 1993 and now is a professor in School of EECS (Electrics, Electronics and Computer Science). Her research interests include biometrics, image processing, pattern recognition, content-based image retrieval and education. She is also interested in tough problem solving and now acting as a coach of the Peking University ACM/ICPC competition team.  

 Courses delivered:

       Windows programming environment, Windows & C++, Java programming,       Smalltalk & OO techniques,  Fundamentals of computing,       Programming and problem solving, Geographical Information System, Software project management, Fundamentals of multimedia technology


1. “Personal Identification Based on Palmprint Checking”, a project funded by National Key Lab of Patten Recognition, 2002-2003.

2. “Investigation to Palmprint Capture Devices and Feature Extraction and Evaluation Methods”, a project funded by China National Funds of Nature Science, 2003-2005. 

The two projects are focused on how to identify human beings by checking their palmprints.

Selected Publications

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[11] Wenxin Li, Jia You and David Zhang, “A Texture-based Approach to Palmprint Retrieval for Personal Identification”, accepted by IEEE Trans. on Multimedia. 2003

Contact Info.

Mailing address:

              Department of Computer Science and Technology

             Peking University

             Beijing, 100871